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Backup Disaster Recovery

What is data back up and disaster recovery?

Data backup means storing files to a separate location which is accident proof or has excellent protection layers, which can envelope your files in a manner that no outer force can damage your files. Be it physical or virtual – after such an event, the files can be restored for future or further use.

Why is it a necessity for companies to store data?

Understanding and implementing the ways to back up or be able to recover data due to an unforeseen situation or disaster is a humongous requirement now a days. A time when data and information equals to power and precedence, companies cannot take the chance of cutting corners or lacking behind when it comes to storing data, either in hard copy or back up.

In a competitive world, such as ours, our customers can demand immediate and proper responses at any time of the day or during any part of the business transaction. The absence of the proper and documented response can lead you to lose your prized customers. Such steps are crucial to save face and your reputation for future businesses.

The importance of data back up and disaster recovery initiative:

This is a more chic and secure way of saving your hard work and the result of your sweat. You can never know when or where tragedy may strike, therefore, it is better to have a backup for any unforeseen situation.

Data backup and recovery can work wonders. It can help you with:

  • Save and retain necessary and crucial information or data that is required by your company to continue your business
  • Avoid any wastage of time or humiliation
  • Protect your company from bad reputation
  • This service provides you with a competitive edge over your competition
  • Be able to be up and running even after any natural disaster or unforeseen situation

Though this may sound all rainbows and butterflies to you, however, it can be quite a tricky task. If you are familiar with word auto save concept, you will be able to relate that how a single hasty move can delete and ruin your years’ of research and work.

Myitcompany (NYC’s finest IT company) – our choices are made to ensure your e-safety:

We oversee your data update 24/7 and keep a close eye on any unforeseen event.

Our recovery plans:

In case of any lose corner or downfall, your productivity will not be disturbed. Myitcompany  does its best to prepare your system for auto update and upload in case of any natural disaster or otherwise. Situations such as power outage, bad weather conditions, security fissure, or any other hiccup will be taken care of by our company,

Rest assured that, your lost data will be recovered:

We assign a virtual soldier at every assigned task to protect your files as soon as we get the job. However, we even have a backup for our protection, if somehow our security is breached as well, we upload and save your files in backups to provide you with information that you require to stay in business and not lose precious time.